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About This Site

I’m Theona, depression and anxiety survivor, and creator of this site! 

If you’re like me, you thoroughly enjoy panic attacks, not sleeping for days on end and most of all, feeling fatigued, irritable, and overwhelmed. 

Good times!

Ok, obviously I’m being silly here.  NO ONE enjoys feeling out of control, afraid and hopeless. But for a long time, this was, and honestly still is at times, my reality. 

I’ve suffered from anxiety disorder and depression for years.  For a long time I wasn’t even sure why I felt the way I did.   

I felt afraid, sad, lost and many times I just wanted to cry, which I did when no one was looking.

I lost interest in a lot of things I enjoyed.  People noticed and were concerned, but either didn’t know what to say or just avoided me. It seemed like no one understood what I was going through.   

Slowly, anxiety crept in and took company with the depression. Panic attacks were like heavy weights that dragged me down all the time.  I was in constant fear of the next assault.

Then I would beat myself up for having panic attacks in the first place and guess what happened…

I got even more depressed.  

Panic and depression were my life.  Many times it felt like I was sinking in quicksand, and only managed to stay alive by keeping my nose above ground. 

As one year melted into another, I realized something…

There’s gotta be something that can help me.  But what?

I began going to talk therapy, but this offered little help.   And I was so scared of side effects that medication was out of the question.

So I sought other treatment options. 

During my quest I realized a positive and surprising fact about myself…

I might be an emotional mess at times, but I’m a strong person.  I can also be pretty persistent, and I have the strength to persevere! 

I knew there was an answer out there somewhere; all I had to do was find it!

So like a black ops agent, I honed in on my target. Move aside Jason Bourne and Nikita.  I was on a mission to feel better and get my life back!

I dug into a ton of research and discovered a plethora of natural, drug-free solutions for treating my depression and anxiety.

Natural treatments like meditation, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and other self-help techniques.  

What's that?  There are actually natural depression and anxiety treatments that work?

Sign me up!

I tried many treatments with varying degrees of success.  Still, I was feeling better every day.  I felt more in control of myself and of my life!

That’s why I started this website.  I wanted to provide answers to your questions and offer information you can use on your journey to overcome depression, anxiety or both. 

If you know someone who could use the information on this site, please share.


Remember what I said about me being pretty strong and persistent?  That applies to you as well.  I hope you know that.  

Battling those anxiety and depression demons takes strength and determination.    

Oh, and I want to make one thing clear. Just because talk therapy and meds didn't work for me doesn’t mean they can’t work for you. 

Please feel free to research and explore different treatment options.

Everyone’s recovery journey is different.  Find what works for you!

Ok, one more thing before I sign off. 

Disclaimer.  I am not a trained therapist, doctor or mental health specialist. 

I'm just a woman who’s overcoming depression and anxiety, every day!

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Week 1

This first installment focuses on the link between exercise, diet and good mental health.

Week 2

I'll talk about the importance of using relaxation techniques to lift your mood and calm your nerves, which in turn improves mental health. 

Week 3

This week all about using self-esteem to improve mental health and overall well-being. 

Week 4

This final week presents ways to reduce social media usage. Studies show that over consumption of social media contributes to anxiety and depression.

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