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These Depression Self Help Tips Will Keep You Happy and Motivated 

There are many depression self help techniques that you can use to start feeling better. Here are a few simple depression self help techniques you can use starting today.  

These Depression Self Help Tips Will Keep You Happy and Motivated

Image Credit: Pixabay

These Depression Self Help Tips Will Keep You Happy and Motivated

Image Credit: Pixabay

1. Join a depression support group.

These groups offer great support because you're surrounded by people with similar experiences with depression. Use the following links to access a peer support group near you. 

Click here for support in the United States.  For international support click here

If you ever need to speak with someone right away, but a friend or family isn't available, try connecting with a depression helpline.  

2. Reduce social media useage

Did you know that there's a strong connection between depression and social media usage?  It's sad but true. Try reducing the amount of time you spend on social media by 5 minutes each day and see how much better you feel. You may even find time to do things you love, and that will improve your mood.

3. Keep track of your worries and negative thoughts.  

Our thoughts are what makes us who we are. If you think positively and ingrain positivity into your life, you're more likely to take the necessary actions needed to dig yourself out of depression.

Use a mood journal to write down your negative thoughts and feelings.  This is an exercise in helping you get rid of negative feelings.    

4. Shun alcohol and drugs.  

Many depression sufferers tend to use alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism. Using these substances may feel good at first, but in truth, they only worsen depression symptoms. 

5. Set and repeat.  

I've found that setting and achieving goals is an excellent way to improve mood and skyrocket self-esteem.  Start by setting and achieving small goals and then work your way up to bigger goals.  Don't be surprised if believe in yourself increases and your depression lessens. 

6. Are you a pet lover?

If so, you may understand the mood boost you get just by being around animals. Research suggests that contact with pets can reduce stress and improve mood. 

7. Get your daily dose of sunshine.

Sometimes when you're depressed, it seems like all you want is to stay in bed with the curtains drawn. But getting outside and soaking up the sun are simple ways to boost mood.  You can also try using a lightbox especially if Seasonal Effective Disorder(SAD) is a concern. 

8. Just Cope

Find effective coping skills for depression that will help you weather the storm. From talk therapy to yoga to mindfulness and more this article provides more options to help you cope.  

By the way, some these depression self-help tips are taught in greater detail in my mental health e-course.  The course is easy and you can do it in your own time. Best of all, it's totally free. Check it out now.

Depression Self Help Resources:

Wellness Tracker – This free wellness tracker, by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, will help you track your moods, monitor symptoms, and create a customized wellness plan.

I hope this article helps you on your journey to better mental health!

Brighter skies are ahead,

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